Detail Fan Meeting Ulang Tahun Debut Ke-20 Song Hye Kyo Dirilis

Detail Fan Meeting Ulang Tahun Debut Ke-20 Song Hye Kyo Akhirnya Dirilis benar-benar akan segera menyapa fansnya melalui fan meeting ulang tahun debut ke-20. Sebagaimana yang sebelumnya sudah disampaikan oleh akun Instagram resmi fan cafe Hye Kyo, fan meeting akan digelar pada tanggal 13 November.

Akhirnya setelah menunggu sekitar seminggu untuk mengetahui detail mengenai fan meeting Hye Kyo, pada Sabtu (8/10) akhirnya @officialhyebaragi mengumumkan detail lokasi, tanggal pasti hingga pembelian tiket untuk jumpa fans atau fan meeting Hye Kyo.

Dalam sebuah post Instagram terbaru, fan cafe Hyebaragi menyampaikan bahwa fan meeting positif digelar pada 13 November 2016 (hari Minggu). Sedangkan tempat yang dipilih untuk menyelenggarakan acara tersebut adalah Coex Auditorium, Seoul.

Mengenai pembelian tiket, tersedia dua alternatif pembelian yakni melalui ‘Daum Hyebaragi’ untuk fans di Korea dan ‘Instagram Hyebaragi’ bagi fans internasional yang ingin ikut menghadiri fan meeting. Bukan hanya itu, akun fan cafe resmi Song Hye Kyo tersebut juga mengumumkan bahwa tiket untuk fan meeting debut ke-20 ini GRATIS!!

Nah, kalian siap ikut menghadiri fan meeting ulang tahun debut Hye Kyo yang ke-20 November nanti?

(Some parts are added and changed. Please check it.) <Notice about 'Songhyekyo 20th Anniversary Fanmeeting’> Let me explain you about the schedule of this event and how can you book a ticket for Fanmeeting. . First, thanks to hyekyo’s support, many fans from all over the world will be invited in free of charge. Therefore, the ticket price is free:) . —————————– Songhyekyo 20th Anniversary Fanmeeting Date: 2016/NOVEMBER/13/SUN Time: After 2PM(not decided yet) Coex Auditorium, Seoul . . Here are a few things that you need to be aware of. -Taking photos will be prohibited. If you do this, we can make you leave during the event. -Any gift for her will be declined politely. . Any information related with FANMEETING can be changed. If there is a change in plans, we will notice you right away. —————————– . . Here are application dates and information about how to book a ticket. Foreigns should book tickets through INSTARGRAM. . FIR 2016/OCT/13/ THU 8PM SEC 2016/OCT/15/ SAT 8PM . -Write a comment(reply) on a post that will be uploaded in our instargram at the dates(10.13, 10.15) -One person can get only one ticket through the booking. Please make sure about this. -You should certify you IDENTITY with the photo of your PASSPORT. We will request you the photo when application is finished. Please keep this in your mind. -Your seat will be assigned in the order of arrival. The sooner you write a comment, the better for your seat. -The application for FANMEETING will be opened two times, divided into first(2016.10.13) and second(2016.10.15). Someone who books a ticket at First date(10.13) can get better seat than Second one. . . PLEASE book a ticket if you can come to the event exactly. As the ticket is free, we worry about some people who would book tickets irresponsibly. PLEASE make careful decision for many fans who have been waiting sincerely. Thank you:) #송혜교#songhyekyo #宋慧乔 #songhuiqiao #배우#여배우#actress#koreanactress#혜바라기#hyebaragi#송혜교팬미팅#팬미팅#fanmeeting

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